Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday afternoon was dull and boring. I was almost drooping in my chair when my office communicator beeped - "Sleepy afternoon?". It was from my programmer. I replied a  and waited looking at her. I looked longingly at her pink feet with one dangling anklet."Wanna go upstairs?" asked she. Upstairs was terrace with a small garden. Ours was tallest building around(with 9 floors). I agreed and went up with a glass of hot chocolate. We sat at the far end of the terrace. As we were talking I was looking often at her left dangling shoe. It was dangling from her toes slowly. Suddenly I kicked her shoe saying it was bad manners to shake your legs while sitting. "Crappy bugger, you did not have to kick my shoe for that" she said and got up to get it. I stretched a little and kicked it further away. "Hey!" she yelled and went after it again. I got up and kicked it further and infuriated her. Just what I wanted to do. "Usless guy, GET MY SHOE NOW!" she yelled seething. I looked in her eyes and saw I had her where I wanted her. I meekly went up and picked the shoe from the corner I had kicked it to. She came following me, and began wearing it. It was a latest kind of slip-on, which is light, soft and slightly tight. I held her foot and said,"Wait yaar" and lifted her foot and dusted the base. Ran my palm from toe to heel brushing off the dust, wiped her toe nails which were a glossy light purple. Then I began easing her foot in to the shoe. I looked up at her and said I like her feet. "They are very beautiful. I feel like kissing them". "Then kiss them", she said and giggled. Immediately I knelt down and planted a kiss. She silently looked at me. Since she showed no resent I looked beyond her at the terrace to see if there was anybody around. Nobody was since it was just after lunch. I bent again and kissed them. We were near the wall of the terrace where there were some planted pots too.I was kneeling behind the pots and lifted her foot, removed her shoe again and kissed.
Placed her foot on my face and kissed under her foot. Then I held her foot in both my palms like it was some prasada and kissed again. I put her toes partly in my mouth and kissed them. She hooked her toes on my teeth and pressed my head down. As I lost balance and went down, she giggled saying, "You are mad. Never seen anybody like feet. Weirdo!".
Sitting here now, I wonder what she would say if I introduced her to all you guys here!!

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