Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project Release

We had a project release scheduled for the next day and had to finish testing before it went across. The testing and last moment fixes usually go late into the evening(we work 9am-6pm). It was the same story that thursday evening too. Our team of 8 sat back to finish the task. The bugs I found, as usual, were annoying our lady. We argued a little and swore a little and continued our work. At 8:30pm I took a break for some coffee. Sitting in the pantry, I saw her walk into the restroom. I thot she was looking pretty that day, in her white chudidaar and a short green kurta. I like fair women in white chudidaars. It makes their feet look more cute and rosey. Anyways, I took the last sip, left the cup at wash-basin and turned to go back to my seat that I skipped a beat when I saw her standing near the water can filling her cup. "Lotsa bugs today eh? Full top performance and all?" I was smiling at the compliment and about to thank her modestly, when she said, "B@$t@rd" under her breath. My smile vanished and I opened by mouth to protest her using profanity at work, she continued, "why do you find only my bugs? I seriously feel like kicking you man!"
"Then do it", I replied smiling.
She tilted her head back to tkae another sip from her cup and shook her head. Not looking me in the eye, she said, "I have something else that will make me feel better."
"And that is... ?"
"Kiss my feet and apologize" she said without looking at me.
Well, I was not sure I was going to do that there in pantry with any of our team-mates walking in anytime.
"Well? Are you going to or not?" she asked looking stright into my eyes, like she meant business.
I knew it was now or not. I looked out the pantry door towards our cubicle which was on far end and sat down. Undid my shoe lace and bent on my knees. First I kissed her right foot and then right over her slip-ons and moved back immediately.
"Wat was that? I said 'kiss', not peck. I must be able to feel your lips on my foot. Again."
Damn! She will get us caught for sure.
I went back for a second one. This time I held her foot in both my hands and gave a neat moist kiss on each foot and looked up.
"Uhmm.. Naa... I think it will be better if you lick it from toe to ankle. That way I will know for sure you mean it."
Now I was sure we were going to get thrown out of our company. But what hell? We may not get caught also.
I went back to my knees, bent forward, licked from toe to ankle and around.
"This is where a tester belongs. At the feet of a programmer." she said slipping her left foot out of her shoes while I licked her right and placed it on my head. I turned my face and licked her bare foot and sucked her big toe.
"Enough now. Get up soon. Somebody might walk in." she said and I moved back. I had messed my pants a little and walked to the restroom. As I came out, I saw her exiting the restroom too
"Tie your shoe lace bugga" said my TL as I walked back to my seat.


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