Sunday, September 19, 2010

Once In The Meeting Room

I work for a software company as a tester and I have many heated interactions with programmers. Mostly I used to squabble with a lady programmer who used to sit diagonally opposite to me. Her seating is such that mostly her back is turned to me and I many times harboured desires to kick her in the back! But what kept me from going ahead with my kick-boxing was that she had the most beautiful feet. Her feet are pink at it heels which she bares every now and then when working. She wears an anklet around her left ankle and painted her toes in silver/white/purple/brown. Recently, we had a review meeting where the codes were displayed through a projector on a wide screen in a dark meeting room. This lady was sitting beside me and during the review she put up her legs on the chair was swiveling. She accidently brushed against my thigh and I glared at her dusting my pants. She said, her feet was clean and I did not have to dust my pants. I grumbled under my breath and looked away. She was furious at this and in a while she brushed again and this time kept whole foot on my thigh firmly and started at me. I looked at her and knew it would distract others if I made any move. So I let her keep her foot there. Honestly, I had a boner by now and was enjoying it. But I could not look too eager to exhibit my fetish as this was work place. I tried moving away a little, but she made me happy by extending her leg and still keeping her foot firmly on me. By now I was ready to explode anytime coz I was being dominated in front of 6 others who were oblivious to my bliss. I then casually turned her beaded anklet and kept twirling it. I looked at her and she was resting her head on her hand, scribbling on a book and a smile was on her face. I saw her write dog on her book and started drawing circles around it to camouflage it. I knew she realized I was a submissive one who loved her feet. After that meeting, things were just awesome. Pantry, fire escape stairs, meeting rooms and balcony of 8th floor.

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