Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bus To Kerala

This happened on the bus to Kerala. I was traveling by night bus from Bangalore. I was in a sleeper bus to Kochi(from there to Waynaad) and had a recliner seat by the aisle. A good 1 hour in to the journey, I felt a feet on my behind. I was furious. As if travelling in that bus was insufficient, I had some mallu guy kicking my behind! I looked back to confirm I was really being butted and shone my mobile phone's light to the poking foot. Lo behold! A dusky pair of toes with silver nail enamel was peeping between the gaps. Who could imagine I would get lucky on a night bus to Kerala!! I let it be and sat back. I could feel the toes as I sat on it and I enjoyed the feeling thoroughly. I turned a little and sat to the aisle side closing my eyes. I slowly looked down again and saw the toes. I could not resist touching them. I put a finger lightly on the nail and rubbed it. Immediately the toes vanished. , Damn my luck! It ran out even before it began. After another hour, the bus stopped for dinner break. I opened the curtains and stepped out of the bus. I had a smoke when a not so great looking girl in red top and black jeans walked to our bus. I looked down at her feet as usual and she had her shoes on. I climbed in after her and guess what? Correct! She was in the seat behind me. All this while I was facinated by this not so great looking gal! Well, considering that there were none better, I thot why not? I sat in my seat as the bus began and after the lights went out, the toes came back! I did not move. I thought let it be there, but I was not too keen on touching it. Aftre 20mins, more of the feet come through the gap on to my behind. I was curious as to what this is leading to. By now all her toes were under my behind. I found I was getting uncomfortable in my zipper. The toes then climbed up a little towards my back and it stayed there. Then it went back. I waited but nothing. After few more minutes, I knew it was not coming back. Strangly, I wanted those dusky toes, though I have had better in my mouth.
I then turned in my seat again and this time poked my fingers through the gap palm down. Nothing. Then I turned my palm, like I was asking for something. 10minutes later I had a feet on my hand! It rubbed my fingers toe to heel. I stuck my hand deeper and I cupped the foot. Ran my fingers beteen the toes and over the nails. Then it went away. Again came a shoe and this time it crushed my hand! I got scared and slipped my hand back. I thought she was annoyed and would scream now. Well, she did not. Again came the toes on my behind. I let it explore. It wanted to feel skin, so I pulled out my t-shirt and let it touch my skin. It rubbed around. I then looked at the guy sitting next to me and confirmed he was asleep. I slowly slipped off my seat, down and put my coat on the hand-rest.I acted like I was searching for my shoe which had moved back under the seat and slowly kissed the toes. It vanished again. I knew it would come back for more. And, yes it did. I again kissed it. Licked the nails and then the toe raised up in to my mouth. I let her hook her toes on my teeth and sucked them hard. I rolled my tongue on them and was licking between the toes when the man in the seat next to me stirred. The toes went away just in time and the guy asked me, what happened. I said my bottle had rolled under and I found it. I sat back and waited for the toes again. The wait was looong. When I woke up, the back seat was empty.


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