Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At A Friend's Place

My friendship with the cat-eyed girl continued and I was invited to another friend's house one afternoon for lunch.

After stomach full of sleep inducing food, we settled down to watch an English  movie - Catch Me If You Can(Tom Hanks) on the computer. The room was a small one and we were 8 people. So, it was decided, all the girls will sit up on the cot while the two guys will sit on the floor. Crammed on the cot, the six made themselves comfortable, yelping and giggling. We drew up the curtains to make it suitably dark to watch the movie. Now a dark room and heavy lunch is a good setup to doze off. Sure enough, 15mins into the movie, I was dozing off. In between my 40 winks, I felt something rubbing my head. I turned around slowly and all I could see was the sole of my cat-eyed babe's foot. Immediatly me and my little John was alret. I began watching the movie and leaned my head slightly back so that I could rub my head on her foot. But her foot was not there. I again tried looking through the corner of my eyes and found her feet a little towards my right near the wall. Slowly, little by little I inched towards the gorgeously pink feet. She was sitting with her knees up and feet down on the bed. When I was in position in front of her lovely feet, I tried craning my neck to reach her feet. Strangly, she was not making any attempts to touch my head. I tried again after a while, to bend my head backwards, so that I could rest my head on her toes. I did for a second, again she moved it away from me, to my left. I slipped to my left again and attempted once more. This time, the toes went back as she drew her feet closer to herself. Dissapointed and not understanding why she was doing this, I sat quiet. Then I happed to look in front of me and saw her smiling at me through a mirror on the wardrobe. She pursed her lips like a kiss and nodded towards her feet invitingly. I smiled understnding her game that she wanted me to struggle for her feet. I was more than ready to struggle for those lovely feet. I craned my neck again, lifting myself a little when a girl sitting near her asked, "Yeno maadtha iddiya(what are you trying to do)?". I turned red and said nothing, just that my bottom is hurting sitting down. Then she moved a little on the already crammed cot and said, "Climb and sit there". It was beside my cat-eyed godess. I jumped at the chance and climbed up beside her, when another girl in other corner said she would go sleep in the next room. Along with her another went. Now the cot was spacious enough with just the 5 of us. After a while of sitting on the cot, I slowly touched the cat-eyed godess's left foot with my finger. She did not move. I continued rubbing her foot, feeling her toes and ankles. I then tried to slide my hand under her foot. But she kept it down harder on the cot. I tried again and whispered, "Please, I beg". After a few seconds, she lifted her heel a little and I slid my hand under her holy feet. It was soft like a butter. I felt all around her heel. I gripped her foot and brought it closer to me. She then curled her toes and pressed her foot hard on to my palm. I enjoyed it. By then most of the girls were taking a nap and the only ones watching the movie was me and my godess. I took advantage of the situation and asked her to cross her legs such that her right foot dangled over her left. I held it and placed a moist kiss on her foot and sucked the whole of her heel in my mouth. Meanwhile she grabbed my little John and started squeezing it. I was in heaven. I bent forward such that her foot rested on my head and she began rubbing her foot on my head. I turned my face and licked all of her lovely feet. I gave one last kiss and stopped as Tom Hanks closed the door saying "Check Fraud". I remember that scene so vividly!

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