Monday, March 19, 2012

Tutoring Experience

This is the story of a friend. He had this amazing experience with this tutor during school days. Read and leave your comments if you enjoyed reading this. :-)

I don't exactly remember the time or age my foot fetish began. We were in Delhi when I was little boy studying kindergarten. I think I was attracted to beautiful female feet right from those days. But I was much older by the time I really got chances to experience my foot fetish. I must have been in class 6 or 7 when I went to my first tuition classes.
My parents felt I needed extra classes and they were asking around for tuition classes. I too did my little bit to help them and asked a few friends. One of my classmates suggested this tutor to me.
He said he had joined the tuitions recently and the tutor was good and gave easy methods for solving math problems. It was his first week at the tuitions and suggested I join him that day for trial.

The tutor was a young lady, 21 - 23 years old with pretty feet. Not something that you or me would really fantasize on, but clean fair feet with pink heels.
I joined him. He introduced me to the tutor, who he called "Mita miss". She smiled and welcomed me. After the formal exchange of details, she sat down to teach us math. She sat on a high chair and we sat at on the floor. Mita miss's chair had cross bar(horizontal bar between the two legs of the chair) on which she was resting the heels of her feet. We could see her toes which was dabbed in red nail paint.
Seeing those cute toes I turned hard in my pants. I placed my book to hide it and every inch of me was craving to touch those butter-like lovely feet. I sat at her right leg while my friend sat in front of her. That position gave me the opportunity to touch her foot for the first time. It really happened like this: - she was teaching us math that day. When she was teaching I moved my left hand to pick up the eraser from my friend and slowly brushed my elbow on her feet. I looked up to see if she noticed anything but there was no reaction. It was quite natural. She did not pull back her feet either. That day I could not do anything more as I feared she might get angry.

As days passed by I tried new ways to touch her feet and slowly started to bring my face towards her foot. And one day I was successful in touching her foot with my head. I sat doing my math sums and she was on her high chair as usual with her pretty toes peeping out. I was sitting very close to her chair. I was working out my math problem with my head buried in my book. Dangling just above were her toes. I was thinking how to touch those toes with my head when she herself did the needful. Since I was thinking of a way to touch her foot, I was not doing the problem. She noticed I was not writing anything and tapped my head with her toes asking, "Kya hua?". How could I tell her kya hua in my pants that very moment?

Another day I was struck with an idea what if I touch her feet with my tongue, then what will be her reaction... And hell ya, I was successful in the attempt. One day there was load-shedding and I got my chance to hold her feet completely with my hands. As soon as the lights went out and our hall was in darkness, I pretended like I was searching for a torch and got the opportunity to hold her feet with my hands. I rubbed her sole and let her rest her foot on my chest. She said, "I think we have to wait in the dark since there is no candle in the house. I think I will have you both recite me a poem from your Hindi class." She called out my friend and told him to recite first. My friend started reciting and I continued to massage her foot. She rested one foot my head and another I was caressing in my arms. Later she herself changed the foot. This time I put it in my mouth and sucked every toe. I licked between her toes. She moved her foot out of my mouth and rested them on my chest. She too seemed to enjoy it... I guess she enjoyed it too, or else she would have pulled it away and kicked me for bad behaviour.

Another time, she had dusted her house that day and her feet were slightly dusty under her heels and her toes were dusty too. I asked her if she had dusted the house. She replied yes, but how did I know? I pointed out that her feet were all dusty today. She said, "Then clean it detective Karamchand." It was such a matter-of-fact command that I obediently cleaned dirt from her
feet with my fav Kappa t-shirt using my saliva for dampening her feet, while she was busy in preparing question from a chapter. She remained quiet for most of the cleaning. Only once remarked, "I don't have 5 paisa now to give you". I was surprised at the remark and asked her why 5 paise? She replied, for my services of cleaning her feet and because I was touching her feet with my head like a beggar she said so.

This foot-fetish was mostly one-sided only. I mean, she had no idea about this fetish and just went with the flow. All these are my experience with my tuition teacher.  The same strategies to touch and worship her feet I repeated over my classes, for few years and she let me do it. I don't know why, but she let me.

One thing I did every day for all those years was to lick and worship my great tutor's holy slippers before entering or leaving her house.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Diwali Train Mistress

This is a true story of a friend from Pune.

I was travelling home for Diwali vacation in a crowded train. Since I did not have my seat reserved before hand, I had to share seats with a stranger and I was uncomfortable sitting with him. 

Finally, I decided to find myself a better seat and started walking across sleeper coaches. The whole train was over-crowded with some berths being shared by 2 people even! In one of the compartments I saw two pretty girls sharing one berth and one blanket. The blanket had slid off one of the girls and her feet was exposed. In the passing lights, I saw that she was wearing black jeans and her feet were wheatish with red painted toe nails. 

I felt drawn to them and after a few moments of dilemma, I sat there between the two seats with my back resting against the compartment wall. Her feet were dangling near me face. I drew up my legs, rested my head on the knees and began admiring the feet. I was real sleepy and eyes were dropping shut, yet the pair of lovely toes kept my awake. Her feet smelled lovely. It was a mix of sweat and some cold cream. As I kept looking, her legs stretched a little as she moved in her sleep. One of her foot was now very close to my left cheeks and ear. I snuggled closer to her feet, by slowly moving closer towards her seat, moving my butt inch by inch. Now my face was right under her heavenly feet. I mustered courage now to softly touch her feet, hoping she would not wake up. I touched them with my hair as the train shook, I rubbed my head against her feet for less than 2seconds and waited for a reaction. Nothing. So I tried again and this time a little longer. Still nothing. Wow! Some people can really sleep. I then tilted my head a little now, her feet was rubing against my forehead. It was like Lord Bramha was writing my fate on my forehead. I was hard below now. I lifted my head some more and now her foot was touching my nose and the train's movements rubbed my nose against her foot. Somebody in the other seat woke up to go to the loo. Seeing me there gave a hard stare at me. I pretended to be asleep, with her foot dangling just over my face. He bent over, I felt my heart racing like Vin Diesel's car in Fast and Furious, picked her foot and put it back up on the seat. Must be her father. I kept quiet till he returned and went back to sleep again. I dared not to do anything for next 15-20mins. Then just as I was thinking to make a move, the foot slid down automatically, as if to slip accidently, adjusted itself near my face again and stopped moving. I peered into the darkness to see if she was awake and did this on purpose or was it sheer accident. It was so dark towards her head that there was no way of finding it out. So I let it be. Gave it a few more minutes to be on safer side and again nudged her foot with my nose like a dog will. Now her left heel was on my nose and part of her foot on my forehead. I pressed my face against it as if giving her a foot massage. I was so much enjoying this crusade that in the vigour, the foot slipped away from my face. Believe it or not, the foot came back on its own to my face!! I now dared to run my lips on her soles lightly as ever. The soles were silky smooth and cotton soft. Then she turned on her sides and slept with both her feet joined at the ankles. I was dissapointed as they were out of reach now! While I sat there heart broken, i happened to look at her big round bottom. I am also a lover of beautiful bottoms. The jeans were tighly hugging her bottom and the sight was mind-blowing. I had a strong urge to touch those beauties, but then decided against it as it was too risky. I inched closer to her seat and rested my head by the edge of her seat as if in deep sleep. I slowly peered around the area to see if anybody was watching me. Nobody was. Then I stretched my face and tried to reach her feet. No use. Tried again and stretched my tongue also, but no use. Then I tried breathing on her feet, like I was tired. Her feet smelled fruity. I loved it more now and craved for it more. Just about then she streched her feet again and did a long toe curl. I did not move this time and all her toes moved across my face this time.
Her lovely feet were right on my face. She was moving her feet on my face on her own. Rubbing my face. This continued for few mintues then she turned to her side again. I heard a sound again and noticed somebody from top berth was awake. I suddenly slid away from the seat like I had lost my balance in my sleep and sat away hence on. I waited for a few more minutes for my next attempt, but somebody opened the door of the bogie and a station approached with blarring station activities. Thus ended my night on the train with a memory for lifetime.

Some Amazing Feet Videos

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Foot Massage To My Developer Mistress

They began a new agile scrum meeting at office and this is a daily team meeting held to provide a status update to the team members. Duration is not to exceed 10mins in total, no matter how big the team size. During one such meeting, the discussions prolonged for close to 35mins till somebody knocked on the meeting room door informing us that the meeting room was blocked by them for next 1hour. So we exited and continued the meet in an automation lab. Totally we spent about an hour standing. [:)] Boring to read about our meeting? Naaa... Don't be. Beacuse, here is the reason for next few lines of my pleasures. [:p]

We walked back to our seats, and continued with our work. My IM popped up saying "Damn you basta guy." It was my developer lady. I replied politely, "thank you and same to you." She sent a anger smiley [:x] and kept quiet. After a while again it blinked orange and asked, "did you have to discuss it so long? Did you realize others around were standing and were uncomfortable?"

"No, you shud have told us to take it offline" I defended.

"I wish you stood for 1 hour with these 3inches heels", she said.

I sent a sad smiley.

Then she replied, "I really really wish for a foot massage".

I stirred up in my seat and replied, "Yes boss. As you command."

She sent a smiley, and said "Dog only you are!

Catch you on the terrace.

get up

move dog"

"I am no dog". I replied.

"Oh ya?".


"We'll see about it. Now come on up." and her IM status said 'Away'.

I went up the stairs. Our terrace is not huge but sufficient for our 300 employees. I walked up to the edge and looked down at the enterance. It was 11am in the morning. Employees were still walking into the office.

She came with a coffee cup and we sat on our regular bench at the far corner. Me on the floor, leaning against the terrace compound wall and she on the bench. She sat one leg over the other and began sipping the coffee. Looked at her watch and said, "Rahu kaal is over, you can begin now. I smiled, slipped her white heels off, wiped of the moisture from the golden sole of her white heels that had come to being as she walked across the grass. Placed it on the floor and took her foot by the toes. Her toes were also wet from the grass and I wiped them too. I told her that I have never done this kinda thing before. The closest I came of a foot massage was massaging a twisted foot during sports injuries. She ummed and hmmmed and with a "we'll see", sipped her coffee. She had on a aqua blue nail enamel which matched with her white dress and an toe ring glittering and sparkling. Her pink feet was looking even more amazing against her white dress. I began rubbing her soles and then rolling my fingers under her toes. I was engrossed massaging her foot. I looked up at her face and found her ACTUALLY enjoying it. I knew I was good at it. Come to think of it, I can be good at anything to do with the feet. Her foot smelled of some nice cream. I complimented and asked her what cream. "Loreal. Don't bother about it now. Just continue what you are doing." I rubbed and then kissed her toes and massaged her heel. Rubbed them harder and stronger. I had her foot dangling at my face and the loreal cream was lovely. I tilted my head upwards, under her foot and dropped it on my face. She opened her eyes to ask what happened while I picked her her other foot and slipped it out of the heels. The ankle band of this footwear was a little tight and I had to struggle a wee bit to free her foot. This foot had an ankle band around and the silver band with aqua blue stones were a lovely treat. I began my massage on this foot too. She moved her right foot on my crotch and moved herself a little stepping my big John and put the foot I was massaging on this leg. She said, "slip my right foot into my heels, just incase somebody walks in". I did and non-chalantly she placed the heeled foot back on my crotch like that was where she was supposed to keep her foot! It was a different feeling from the soft foot that was on my crotch so far. I opened my mouth and she put her toes into my mouth and I sucked them. I held her foot like a temple flower in both hands and licked her toes. Loreal was nice. She lifted her toes while I held her foot in my palms and I licked them too. Between the toes and sucked them mumbling I love them. I massaged between her toes, squeezing them with my fingers. I put my other hand on her right leg and slid through her silken legs. I reached upto her calfs and could go no further due to her tight salwaar. Then I repositioned her feet on my big John and told her "sqeeze then re". She did I remember my roll up and me rubbing her legs up and down with with my right hand. It must have been a while when I felt a light slap across my chin and I opened my eyes. She had slapped me with her left foot and was smiling at my state. I smiled back sheepishly. She bent forward and asked me to go closer. I did and she spat across my face suddenly and I moved back intuitively, like anybody would when spat across the face or sprinkled with water suddenly. "WTF did you do that for?" I asked, and she replied smilingly, "to wake you up horney b@$t@rd". And laughed. She got up, squeezing my big John under her foot and told me to put her heels back on her foot. I obeyed and she walked down the stairs, leaving me staring after.

But this whole episode made me feel like a slave of medieval times being used.

Rustic and pure dominance outright, without a care that I am an Engineer too and that I have some social value in this society.

As if I am just nothing but a 2-pence no good slave born to serve under her pink feet.

Well, come to think of it, I guess that is all I really am...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Fav Pics

Last Thursday On Office Terrace

Last thursday was a hectic one. I was loaded with work all day and towards the end, I had to automate a few scripts and leave them on overnight. I was towards the last leg of the scripting at 6:50pm when my messenger popped up with "I need coffee NOW or I am dead". It was the developer. I replied, "5mins please". "which part of NOW did u not understand?" came a fiery message on the instant messenger. I cursed under my breath and decided if I am going to be delayed, she better make good the delay for me. I locked my computer and walked towards pantry. "Come up with the coffee" she said and walked up the stairs to terrace. I made 2 cups of coffee and walked up the stairs. Our terrace has a few stone benches and a terrace garden in the middle with some flower pots and a small lawn around it. She was sitting in the far end of the terrace. I walked upto her and sat beside her. As I sat, the flimsy stone bench shook and she lost her balance. She stopped short of falling off the bench and cried out, "Bloody fatso! You will rock the building man. Get up. Sit down here." We began sipping coffee, with her sitting on the stone bench and me resting my bottom on the lawn. It was a common sight as many employees sat on the lawn. "Tiring day kanno. Compilation mugitha ne ila." she complained about her code compilation not finishing. "Hmm", I said and continued sipping. I was busy eyeing her foot near my face in a silver peep-toe shoes. Only her big toe and the second toe in bright purple nail enamel. It was fresh painted nails as i cud smell the enamel. "What hmm? Mathado mooga" she implored me to talk swiping her foot close to my face to snap me out of my dream. I caught hold of her foot, turned my face away and said, "Watch it!". I released her foot and she again swiped her foot close to my face smiling and I caught it again. "Bedaaa(don't)", I said in a warning tone. "Oh ya? What will you do bastard guy?" I removed her shoe and put it beside me away from her. "I can still do this", she said and tapped her lovely bare foot across my right cheek. I ignored and sipped the coffee. Somethng was slowly stirring in my pants. "You can't do anything. Rather you will let me do it again and again". Saying thus, she tapped her foot against mt temple. I just sat there sipping coffee enjoying it all. "I like the feeling of your hair under my feet" she said with a smile and rubbed my ear and sideburns. "I like it too", I said as I took another sip. She smiled and rubbed her foot across my face. I held the cup in my left hand and slowly lifted her left foot. Removed her left shoe and put my palm under her foot. I ran my fingers around her left foot while her right foot found my lips. She rubber her big toe on my lips and parted it. She slid her toe into my mouth and I sucked her toe all the while watching the terrace entrance. Taste of the nail enamle was in my mouth. I ran my tongue on her nail and sucked her toe. Then got her other two toes too and sucked it. I had a full on boner. Her foot was so smooth and soft that I really have no words to describe it. Only those who have experinced it, can understand what it is like. I ran my tongue between her toes and licked her foot from end-to-end. Her foot was so beautifully lovely that in one lick I almost licked the whole breadth of her foot, I think. I licked her foot 5-6 times. Then she wiped her foot on my shirt and said, "Gimme the shoe. Put it on my foot." I moved her left foot and put it on my thigh as I turned to fetch her shoe. As I turned left, her foot slid on my boner accidently. Sitting here now, I think it was deliberate but it look innocently accidental. And the moment her foot was on my boner, I was in heaven. She stomped my boner for a while and the next 2-3 minutes was like heaven in true sense. She moved her foot away and gave a light rap on my head and said, "Get my shoe. Put on my foot fast." I did and held her foot in both my palms and kissed it. I slid her pant up slightly and licked her shank and kissed it. She got up and stared walking towards the stairs commanding, bring down the mugs."