Monday, September 20, 2010

College Escapades

I was in college when this happened. We had our college annual day coming up and a set of girls approached my friend for fusing songs. This friend invited me over to help him and introduced me to the gang. A sad set of girls dancing to some dumb Hindi songs. I did not bother and just helped the guy and went with him for their practice sessions. He stayed next door to one of the girls in the gang and the gang would jam up there preparing the props. As the d-day neared, we too went over to help them with the props. That is where I met this girl, who was the sister of one of the dancers. Fair, cat-eyed girl with curly locks. As customary, I looked at her feet and was dissapointed to see not so pretty toes. But as I continued looking at her feet, I found a strong attraction towards them. The soles of her feet were pink though she had no painted nails. Preparing the props, I was sitting on the floor, next to the open door, sticking glitters on a pot. She and others were sitting on a couch. She moved to the edge of the couch, closer to me and said, "I will help you. I will give you the glitters, you stick them." I agreed. She sat crossing her legs like most girls do. Her dangling feet close to me was making me uncomfortable. Then she asked to me close the door, as she was feeling cold. It was past 11pm and the month of October. I refused saying I needed freash air and she glarred at me. "Then I will put my feet in your shirt", she said. I knew she was bluffing and dared her to. I knew she would not. Not in front of so many people. But to my sweet surprise, she did!! Others saw what she did and just giggled. She was a known tom-boy and the girls did not bother much. They just muttered, "Shuru aaithu ee hudgidhu(back to her irriatating ways)". I moved away and she said, "Ok, then I won't help you".
"I can't close the door, we both are here for charity. It is your sister's dance. Not mine", I said.
"Wow attitude! Ok come here, it is ok, I will freeze to death for my sister's sake." she said.
Dramebaaz, I muttered and continued sticking. After a while, I went out for a smoke. Half ciggi later she joins me on the terrace and we start talking. We spoke till 1pm. All the others were watching TV with lights off and we were on the terrace. She was sitting on a washing stone on the terracer, while I was sitting down, leaning against the washing stone. This time, I asked if she was cold. She said yes. I opened 2 buttons of my shirt and told her to keep both her feet on my chest.. She put her feet on my chest and I buttoned my shirt.We continued talking about her. While she was talking I pulled out one foot and held it in my palms.She moved her other foot on my shoulder. I looked into her eyes and kissed her feet. She stopped talking for a second and continued as if nothing happened. Wow! I continued kissing her feet till she was only whispering some inane things. I knew she was aroused. I kissed her heel and licked between her toes, sucking each one of them. She was gasping there on the washing stone. I put her feet on my face and she pressed my face. I put one of her foot on my head and asked how she felt. With closed eyes, she replied, "Feel like a queen. Don't stop. I love your head under my feet." I put her left foot on my crotch and asked her squeeze. She began rubbing it vigourously. And just then the lights were turned on. We snapped back to senses and moved apart. Her sister came out calling for her.

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